Browning Creek Association Members
I certainly hope everyone is enjoying their spring here in Browning Creek! One of the goals discussed at the annual meeting was to facilitate better communications between the Browning Creek Board of Directors (Board) and the association members. Therefore, I thought it would be appropriate to send a monthly letter to everyone about where we are as a community.
The Browning Creek business plan that was developed this spring and discussed at the annual meeting outlined several goals. I have the following to report on some of those goals:

  • Goal: Test the market for a new Managing Agent
    • Current Status – I am pleased to announce that the Board has approved and contracted with the accounting firm, T.E. Lott to manage all the associations financial/accounting records functions. T.E. Lott will take over for Ridgeway Lane Associates beginning June 1, 2017. Within the next few weeks, you will receive an official letter in the mail detailing the changes over to T.E. Lott and where assessments must be sent.
  • Goal: Monitor the monthly commitments and expenditures versus the budget.
    • Current Status – After careful analysis of the liability and the direct/indirect cost associated with having two people employed by Browning Creek, the Board has approved and contracted with Ware Landscaping to service all of the association’s landscaping needs. Furthermore, Ware Landscaping will also take care of the Pavilion and basic road maintenance. Ware Landscaping will take over effective June 1, 2017.
    • The site manager’s scope of work has been refined based on the changes with Ware Landscaping.
    • Current Status – I have been reviewing the financial statements at the end of each month and reporting back to the Board any issues that are found. A new finance committee  finance was formed and met for the first time on May 8, 2017. This committee will be reviewing the financial statements on a monthly basis and reporting back to Board their findings.
    • To control expenditures, the Board approved a “Work Order Authorization” procedure form whereby all work performed must be approved in advance. This will help control cost and provide the necessary approvals to ensure we are staying within our budget.
    • The Board was notified that we had two outstanding bills for 2016 that were paid in 2017. The Board made adjustments to the budget for 2017 to cover those 2016 expenses, and we received assurances from our current managing agent that all expenses for 2016 have been accounted for as the date of this message.
  • Goal: Take steps during second quarter to enhance communications with owners
    • Current Status – The Special Finance & Management Committee is currently working on a new Website for the association that will include a secure page for the posting of important messages for association members.
    • Current Status – After the next Board meeting (May 16, 2017), I will post to the Website an overview of the Board meeting minutes for everyone to review.

The Board and the Special Finance & Management Committee has done a great deal of work since February to move our association in a new and positive direction. While trying to achieve our goals, I certainly welcome any suggestions or input anyone might have as we continue to progress forward.

Our next Board meeting with Tuesday, May 16, 2017. Anyone from the association is welcome to attend, providing we have the space. If you would like to attend the meeting, please let me know by Friday, May 12th so that we know how many people to prepare for.

Finally, if you have any questions, concerns or comments about anything pertaining to Browning Creek or the Board please feel free to email me directly at or by phone at (662)-803-6200. I am very accessible and willing to meet with anyone.
Thanks for your continued support of Browning Creek and the Board!

Paul McKinney
President, Browning Creek Board of Directors