Dear Neighbors,

I cannot believe summer is almost over, but soon the leaves will start turning color here in Browning Creek! I have several updates to share with everyone as we continue to achieve our goals and follow the business plan that was discussed during the annual meeting. Below are my updates:

  • We have been working hard to give Browning Creek association members the ability to pay their assessments and road fund payments online. We have the banking merchant setup, but we are still working on the website. I’m hoping within the next week or two we will have it finalized. I will be sure to send a separate email to everyone once its up and running on our website.


  • We have upgraded the computer CPU and memory for the system that runs the gate. This computer has a database of everyone that has fobs, remotes, and access codes to our gates. Upgrading the system has two advantages. First, with the new CPU we do not need a phone line at each gate. Therefore, we will see some cost savings once we go from three phone lines down to one. Second, the memory on the gate computer has a database of everyone that has a fob, remote, or access code. I believe it has been many years since this database has been cleaned up and because of that we currently have many people in it who no longer live in Browning Creek. Therefore, it is important that we clean up the database and remove the access for those individuals that no longer live in our community. Within the next few weeks, we will send each of you a detailed letter informing you of how we are going to clean up the database and issue new fobs, remotes and access codes.


  • As I promised in an earlier message, we have posted the financial statements for Browning Creek on the secure side of our website. There are two files to review. One is for Browning Creek and the other is for the retreats. Both files have a balance sheet and the budgeted income/expenses vs. actual. Currently, we have the June month end statements for everyone to review. Once the Board meets at the end of September and reviews/approves the July and August statements, I will post them.


  • All of the committees that were formed to contribute toward our goals have been meeting. Those committees include the social/communication, infrastructure, finance and legal committees. If you are interested in joining a committee, please let me know.


  • For those of you that work in your yard, I’m sure you’ve noticed we lost access to the burn pile across the street from the boat launch. The Board approved a new burn pile location for members of Browning Creek only. As you are coming into the community on the main road, you will see the first pond on the left. To the north of that pond is an area we have cleared and put down rocks and railroad ties. We added a sign on the street with directions about the burn pile. Based on where we put the burn pile, it cannot be seen from the street.


  • I spoke with our attorney concerning the case against Slade Kracker. I am pleased to announce that last week the judge sided with Browning Creek in the case. Mr. Kracker will not be allowed to use one of his lots with Browning Creek to put a road on it to gain access to property that is not part of Browning Creek. Furthermore, the judge has ordered Mr. Kracker to “remove the roadway/access and restore the property to its former condition”.

Finally, we have several new homes being built and other existing homes changing hands. We also have several lots that have been sold over the past few months. With so many new families moving in, I’ve noticed a lot more children in the neighborhood, which is a good thing! I would like to encourage everyone to please watch your speed while driving in Browning Creek. The posted speed limit is 25 MPH. Let’s all work together and keep our community safe for the kids and adults that are on the streets. I would also encourage you to get out and meet all our new neighbors!

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about Browning Creek, please feel free to email me directly at or by phone at (662) 803-6200.

Warm Regards,

Paul McKinney

President, Browning Creek Board of Directors