Message from the President: Mimmo Parisi

Dear Friend and Neighbors:

I wish I had better circumstances under which to introduce myself as your newly elected president. Unfortunately, this weekend, our neighborhood has been hit by a tornado/twister. I am pleased to announce that nobody was hurt. Our marina, though, suffered severe damage. The cleanup and recovery of the boats began right away. Before I get into the details of where we are and where we are going, I hope you all will join me in expressing our deepest gratitude to all those who volunteered to get us through this natural disaster. A special thanks goes to our new property manager, Paul McKinney. Also, a very special thanks goes to our neighbor, Shannon Hammett who brought out his tow truck from City Alignment. And, of course, a special thanks to everyone who came out to help. It truly showed the spirit of the Browning Creek community. Here are a few facts for you to know. We will keep you posted.

  • We have looked into our insurance and we are waiting for the adjuster to come and provide an assessment. At this time, we do not know if they will provide just a check or will bring their own contractor. In the event we receive a check, we will seek out a contractor according to the insurance policy requirements. We will share with everybody the plan for rebuilding the marina, fixing the pavilion, and removing the debris, including trees, as soon as we can.
  • All the boats have been turned right side up and anchored at the south boat launch. Thanks to Shannon and many others, there was no cost incurred in this recovery effort.
  • The floating debris from the marina have been almost completely taken care of. Everything recovered from the lake has been stored in the long-term parking area. Feel free to check for things you might be seeking. Please be careful.

Although a lot has been done, we would like for everyone to be extremely cautious when using the lake. Some of the metal debris are still in the water. Should you identify such debris, please inform our property manager immediately. Also, out of an abundance of caution, we are restricting access to the pavilion. We are placing a no trespassing sign and ask that everyone comply. This area is still considered unsafe.

Again, I wish I had better circumstances to begin my tenure as president. I am, however, extremely touched and proud of being your president as you have demonstrated to be a true community when it comes caring for each other. I look forward to serving as you president for the remainder of the year.



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