Dear Friends and Neighbors:
I wish everyone a happy new year and hope you are staying safe. As we start a new year here in Browning Creek, I thought this would be a good time to review what we did in 2020 and also give you a few other updates. I’m pleased to say the Board of Directors never had to cancel any of our quarterly meetings during 2020. We met by Webex during our scheduled meetings throughout the year and will continue to do so until it’s safe to once again meet as a group. Below are just some of the improvement items/projects we completed in 2020:
 Within the retreats we completely relandscaped the water drainage system and added rock to help with the flow of water and make it more visually appealing.  The entire gate mechanism at the entrance/exit on West Lakeshore Dr. onto Robinson Rd. was completely replaced.Several of the street signs needed updating so we added two new speed limit signs, replaced the “Stop Here” signs at some of the gates and also replaced some of the road name signs.The lake emergency spillway has never fully worked correctly. Therefore, we contracted with a dirt company to modify the spillway so that when it rains heavily, the lake water will no longer back-up into neighbors’ yards as it has done for years. There was a new book exchange box added at the Pavilion for everyone in the neighborhood to use and share books. We contracted with an outside engineering firm to review our entire sewerage system. They identified what changes were needed to help alleviate the pressure in the system. Based on their recommendations, we added two new unground pressure release valves in strategic locations around Browning Creek. Adding those additional valves significantly reduced the pressure within the system. There was new sand added to the beach at the Pavilion  
We have our website updated with the financial statements through October of 2020. Once the Board meets later this month and approves the November and December statements, they will also be posted online. We’ve also posted all the Board meeting minutes as of the September meeting. Again, those records are posted on our website at If you need the passcode for the secure part of our website please email: and include your full name and the address of your property here in Browning Creek so we can confirm your access. You can also use this email for any correspondence you need to have with the Board of Directors or our on-site manager. 
Our finances are in really great shape as of the end of the year, and we remained within our budget again for 2020. With the new year starting, the Board is working on our budget for 2021 and will continue to take our responsibilities seriously and be good stewards of the HOA funds that we receive.  
We have a number of new neighbors within the community and we welcome all of them to Browning Creek! For all of our neighbors, I encourage everyone to review the Browning Creek covenants on a regular basis to verify we are all staying within the rules of our community. 
Finally, once a decision is made about our annual meeting, which is generally held in April of each year, I will certainly let everyone know. 
Thanks for your continued support of our community and our Board, and it is my pleasure to serve as your Board President. 
Perry McGaugh 
Browning Creek Board President

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