Dear Friends and Neighbors:I certainly hope everyone is staying safe and well during these challenging times. As spring turns to summer here in Browning Creek, I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a few updates on some of the projects the Board has approved for our community.We have contracted with a new company to help manage our gates. Security Solutions out of Columbus will maintain the gate database along with all the mechanical repairs that are needed from time to time. Furthermore, they will be replacing the entire gate mechanism that controls the west gate off Robinson Road. The parts have been ordered, and we are hoping it will be operational again very soon.The Retreat’s Board has contracted with Four Seasons Landscaping to do some needed repairs to many of the water drainage ditches in the Retreat’s area. They will be cleaning out and replacing a lot of the rock to help with the flow of water during rain storms.We are having more speed limit signs installed around Browning Creek to remind drivers of the need to slow down. The new post and signs will match the current ones installed around the lake.We are having more sand brought in and placed on the beach at the pavilion. Furthermore, we have been working on getting bids to redesign the drainage of water off the gravel road above the pavilion to help control erosion.We are having a LARGE fireworks show again this year at the south end of the lake. We have a contract with a new company, and they are going to provide a show that is twice as long as prior years. The show will be on July 3rd and once a time is determined, we will let everyone know.The Board has not rescheduled the annual meeting but will do so once social gathering is permissible. The Board is meeting by conference call when needed but most of our work is done by email.Again, I hope everyone is staying safe, and please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other Board member with questions or concerns.Respectfully,Perry McGaugh

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