President’s Message, January 2021


Dear Friends and Neighbors:
I wish everyone a happy new year and hope you are staying safe. As we start a new year here in Browning Creek, I thought this would be a good time to review what we did in 2020 and also give you a few other updates. I’m pleased to say the Board of Directors never had to cancel any of our quarterly meetings during 2020. We met by Webex during our scheduled meetings throughout the year and will continue to do so until it’s safe to once again meet as a group. Below are just some of the improvement items/projects we completed in 2020:
 Within the retreats we completely relandscaped the water drainage system and added rock to help with the flow of water and make it more visually appealing.  The entire gate mechanism at the entrance/exit on West Lakeshore Dr. onto Robinson Rd. was completely replaced.Several of the street signs needed updating so we added two new speed limit signs, replaced the “Stop Here” signs at some of the gates and also replaced some of the road name signs.The lake emergency spillway has never fully worked correctly. Therefore, we contracted with a dirt company to modify the spillway so that when it rains heavily, the lake water will no longer back-up into neighbors’ yards as it has done for years. There was a new book exchange box added at the Pavilion for everyone in the neighborhood to use and share books. We contracted with an outside engineering firm to review our entire sewerage system. They identified what changes were needed to help alleviate the pressure in the system. Based on their recommendations, we added two new unground pressure release valves in strategic locations around Browning Creek. Adding those additional valves significantly reduced the pressure within the system. There was new sand added to the beach at the Pavilion  
We have our website updated with the financial statements through October of 2020. Once the Board meets later this month and approves the November and December statements, they will also be posted online. We’ve also posted all the Board meeting minutes as of the September meeting. Again, those records are posted on our website at If you need the passcode for the secure part of our website please email: and include your full name and the address of your property here in Browning Creek so we can confirm your access. You can also use this email for any correspondence you need to have with the Board of Directors or our on-site manager. 
Our finances are in really great shape as of the end of the year, and we remained within our budget again for 2020. With the new year starting, the Board is working on our budget for 2021 and will continue to take our responsibilities seriously and be good stewards of the HOA funds that we receive.  
We have a number of new neighbors within the community and we welcome all of them to Browning Creek! For all of our neighbors, I encourage everyone to review the Browning Creek covenants on a regular basis to verify we are all staying within the rules of our community. 
Finally, once a decision is made about our annual meeting, which is generally held in April of each year, I will certainly let everyone know. 
Thanks for your continued support of our community and our Board, and it is my pleasure to serve as your Board President. 
Perry McGaugh 
Browning Creek Board President

President’s Message

Dear Friends and Neighbors:I certainly hope everyone is staying safe and well during these challenging times. As spring turns to summer here in Browning Creek, I wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a few updates on some of the projects the Board has approved for our community.We have contracted with a new company to help manage our gates. Security Solutions out of Columbus will maintain the gate database along with all the mechanical repairs that are needed from time to time. Furthermore, they will be replacing the entire gate mechanism that controls the west gate off Robinson Road. The parts have been ordered, and we are hoping it will be operational again very soon.The Retreat’s Board has contracted with Four Seasons Landscaping to do some needed repairs to many of the water drainage ditches in the Retreat’s area. They will be cleaning out and replacing a lot of the rock to help with the flow of water during rain storms.We are having more speed limit signs installed around Browning Creek to remind drivers of the need to slow down. The new post and signs will match the current ones installed around the lake.We are having more sand brought in and placed on the beach at the pavilion. Furthermore, we have been working on getting bids to redesign the drainage of water off the gravel road above the pavilion to help control erosion.We are having a LARGE fireworks show again this year at the south end of the lake. We have a contract with a new company, and they are going to provide a show that is twice as long as prior years. The show will be on July 3rd and once a time is determined, we will let everyone know.The Board has not rescheduled the annual meeting but will do so once social gathering is permissible. The Board is meeting by conference call when needed but most of our work is done by email.Again, I hope everyone is staying safe, and please don’t hesitate to contact me or any other Board member with questions or concerns.Respectfully,Perry McGaugh

June 2019 A Message from the President

Message from the President: Perry McGaugh
Dear Friends and Neighbors:
We move into the summer of 2019 in a much better position than we were in last year. Our community had to overcome in 2018 a devastating tornado and the impending collapse of the culverts on the road leading into Browning Creek. Today, the pavilion and culverts have been repaired/replaced and our community remains on solid financial footing. Paving has taken place on the worst of our roads. Special thanks go out to your Board of Directors, our property manager Paul McKinney and our resident manager Eddie Martin for their efforts on behalf of our community.
The Board of Directors will be having a meeting in May and one of the topics of discussion will be to identify our goals for the coming year. One goal that will be a given will be to maintain our strong financial position. I think everybody would agree that this remains priority number one of our community. As to setting other goals for 2019, we would love to hear from you. Browning Creek is your home, your community.
I hope to continue the good work of our past presidents to push our community forward and make it the best it can be. Please do not hesitate to contact one of your Board of Directors, Paul or me to offer your thoughts on how to improve what already is the best community in the Starkville area.

April 2018 President’s Message

Message from the President: Mimmo Parisi

Dear Friend and Neighbors:

I wish I had better circumstances under which to introduce myself as your newly elected president. Unfortunately, this weekend, our neighborhood has been hit by a tornado/twister. I am pleased to announce that nobody was hurt. Our marina, though, suffered severe damage. The cleanup and recovery of the boats began right away. Before I get into the details of where we are and where we are going, I hope you all will join me in expressing our deepest gratitude to all those who volunteered to get us through this natural disaster. A special thanks goes to our new property manager, Paul McKinney. Also, a very special thanks goes to our neighbor, Shannon Hammett who brought out his tow truck from City Alignment. And, of course, a special thanks to everyone who came out to help. It truly showed the spirit of the Browning Creek community. Here are a few facts for you to know. We will keep you posted.

  • We have looked into our insurance and we are waiting for the adjuster to come and provide an assessment. At this time, we do not know if they will provide just a check or will bring their own contractor. In the event we receive a check, we will seek out a contractor according to the insurance policy requirements. We will share with everybody the plan for rebuilding the marina, fixing the pavilion, and removing the debris, including trees, as soon as we can.
  • All the boats have been turned right side up and anchored at the south boat launch. Thanks to Shannon and many others, there was no cost incurred in this recovery effort.
  • The floating debris from the marina have been almost completely taken care of. Everything recovered from the lake has been stored in the long-term parking area. Feel free to check for things you might be seeking. Please be careful.

Although a lot has been done, we would like for everyone to be extremely cautious when using the lake. Some of the metal debris are still in the water. Should you identify such debris, please inform our property manager immediately. Also, out of an abundance of caution, we are restricting access to the pavilion. We are placing a no trespassing sign and ask that everyone comply. This area is still considered unsafe.

Again, I wish I had better circumstances to begin my tenure as president. I am, however, extremely touched and proud of being your president as you have demonstrated to be a true community when it comes caring for each other. I look forward to serving as you president for the remainder of the year.



March 2018

Dear Neighbors,

I hope everyone is ready for warmer days! Spring is here and the plants are starting to bloom.

Below are a few updates that I wanted to share with everyone.

  • The Browning Creek Board of Directors meet Tuesday, March 6th. Within the next few days, I will have our communications committee post on our website the minutes from the January Board meeting, now that they have been approved. I will also make sure we get the financial statements posted as well. The Board took up the following items during the meeting:
  • Approved our 2018 budget which will be mailed to everyone within a week.
  • Approved a new contract for Ware Landscaping to continue taking care of Browning Creek.
  • Addressed and approved several items concerning the culvert issue on Browning Creek Rd. I will send a separate message next week on our short and long term plan to address the issue.
  • Approved pressing charges against anyone who is caught poaching our fish. I will also send a separate message about this next week.
  • Approved adding a new key pad on Robinson Road at the east gate entrance.
  • Approved refinancing the mortgage on the 44 acres we own at the front of Browning Creek.
  • Please don’t forget our annual meeting will be Saturday, April 7th at 10:00 AM. You will receive a packet of information in the mail next week about the meeting. I encourage everyone to attend and get an overview of all the changes we have made over the past year.
  • We have four community members, Mark Jackson, Carlton Polk, Les Lindley and Benjamin Good that have agreed to serve on the board. Their names will be brought forward for nomination at the annual meeting. Of course, we will also ask all in attendance at the annual meeting if there are any additional nominations. Many thanks to Mark, Carlton, Les and Benjamin for serving!
  • We have done a lot of work to North Estates Road trying to get it back in shape. We also added more rock to one of the large culverts on the north end of the lake. We are also adding a “Dead End” sign at the beginning of the road.

Again, I encourage everyone to attend the annual Meeting on April 7th. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about Browning Creek, please feel free to email me directly at or by phone at (662)803-6200.

Warm Regards,

Paul McKinney

President, Browning Creek Board of Direct


January 2018

Dear Neighbors,

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas holiday! Below are a few updates that I wanted to share with everyone.

  • During the April 2017 annual meeting, I presented everyone in attendance with a budget for the year. That budget estimated that on December 31, 2017 we would have $2.99 in our operating account. However, after making some fundamental changes to the management of our community over the past year, I am pleased to announce we ended the year with $27,565 in our operating account. I will go into more detail about this positive cash position during the April 2018 annual meeting.
  • Our Annual meeting will be on Saturday, April 7, 2018. Within the next month I will mail everyone some important information about the meeting. I encourage everyone to attend and participate in the management of our community.
  • There are several current Browning Creek board members (myself included) that have decided to step off the board. This is an opportunity for our community to get some fresh ideas and new points of view on the board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please let me know by email at on or before February 15th.
  • The November and December financial statements for Browning Creek and the Retreats are on our website. We have also added the minutes from the November Board of Directors meeting to the website. As we continue our full disclosure to everyone, we have also added the Browning Creek Neighborhood Utility Services Inc. (sewerage) financial statements to the website and the bi-laws as well.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about Browning Creek, please feel free to email me directly at or by phone at (662)803-6200. Again, I encourage everyone to consider serving on the Browning Creek Board of Directors. I believe Browning Creek is moving in a positive direction and this is your opportunity to help!

Warm Regards,

Paul McKinney

President, Browning Creek Board of Directors