The By-Laws, Section 16, provides for the Board to appoint committees (Committees) to perform such tasks and to serve for such periods as the Board may deem desirable. Each Committee will operate in accordance with the terms of the resolution of the Board of Directors.


The infrastructure Committee will provide support to the Board with regard to projects related to maintenance of the roads, dams, retaining walls, marina and pavilion, sewer system, and grounds. This will include routine inspection of all common area facilities. Also, this Committee may recommend the construction or installation of new infrastructure facilities.

 T Wingo
 Neil Watkins 662-418-5054

Finance & Planning

The Financial Planning Review Committee provides assistance in the financial planning and financial solvency of the community and makes recommendations to the Board.  This includes budgeting, contributing to annual business plans, monitoring financial progress monthly, management and establishing procedures and controls necessary to smoothly and predictably manage the financial and budgetary obligations of the community.  For example, one role of this Committee, subject to the discretion of the Board, is to lead the evaluation of the Managing Agent’s recommended Annual Budget and make appropriate recommendations to the Board.

 Libby Gerald662-769-8769
 Gregg Jones407-760-9507
 Pat Mizell662-338-5275

Communications and Social

The Communications and Social Committee leads the communications and social event efforts to keep Browning Creek Community informed and involved. This includes 1) evaluation of content to be presented to the community via website, newsletter, email or other means as deemed beneficial to Browning Creek Community, 2) coordination of social functions, special events and annual meetings, and 3) coordinating the movement of owners in and out of Browning Creek to insure an updated registry is maintained. This committee will provide feedback and recommendations as necessary to the Board.

 Libba Andrews 662-418-4876
 Dana McKinney 662-769-5375

Architectural Review

The Architectural Review Committee is established by the Covenants, Article VIII, Section 8.  The Committee’s goal, through the utilization of sound architectural principles, is to maintain, preserve, enhance and protect the property values and assets of the Browning Creek community, yet with respect and caring for the individuals and the community which it serves.   In executing its duties, the Committee reviews all construction plans prior to start of construction to assure the plans comply with Covenant requirements.  If violations are discovered, the Committee passes its findings and recommendations to the Board for final resolution.

 Tim Muzzi 662-418-0805
 Jon Munger 769-610-3655
 Eddie McNeal 662-418-8193
 Anita Purvis 601-913-9076
 Libby Gerald 662-769-8769

Legal & Insurance

The Legal and Insurance Review Committee assists the Board in the reviewing and responding to legal issues that may arise and supports the Board in reviewing financial risks and insurance coverages.

 David Hunt 662-902-7195
 Bob Luke 601-527-9990
 Perry McGaugh 601-201-1165

Lake & Fishing

The Lake and Fishing Committee monitors the condition of the lake, the fish population, lake use, and makes recommendations to the board.  The recommendations include fishing limits, boating operations and safety, selection of lake and fishing consultants, lake maintenance requirements, and policing of the lake.

 David Hunt 662-902-7195
 George Barry 662-312-8099
 Andy Andrews 662-418-1160
 Ben Jones 662-312-6889
 Rod Moore 601-946-5819
 Randy Rousseau 662-320-6965
 Davis Richards 601-927-0092
 David Fischer 601-324-2809
 Jeff Little 662-617-0959
 Tim Muzzi 662-418-0805
 Elliott Dubuisson 662-615-6073
 Gerald Adkins 662-769-2927
 Vick Nichols 662-571-3259
 Floyd Patterson 662-324-3456
 Doug Minchew 662-418-0493
 Paul McKinney 662-803-6200
 Tommy Smith 662-617-9924
 Eugene Brown 662-324-8237